Gerard Gascón

Self-taught game developer.

Gerard Gascón

🎂 Mr. Flurfels & Catarina y la tarta perdida

A thwarted birthday and two astute investigators ready to uncover the truth. Investigate every moment, every “second” of this story to uncover the mystery.

This game was made in one week for the Indie Spain Jam 2022, under the theme “from 0 to 100”.


Indie Spain Jam 2022 — 1st Prize Overall

The Team

Raúl Ramos - Game design, narrative and programming

Gerard Gascón - Programming

Esther Bernal - 2D art and UI design

Jordi Porras - 2D art and animation

Pedro Astasio - SFXs & music

Game Jam

Indie Spain Jam — September 19th - 26th 2022 (1 week)


From 0 to 100




Tools Used