Gerard Gascón

Self-taught game developer.

Gerard Gascón

🛒 Mercorona

Mercorona is an arcade runner where your must gather enough supplies to survive the lockdown as long as possible.

Have fun dodging the obstacles, avoid getting infected and reach the cash register safe and sound.

Your purchase receipt will indicate how long you will be able to survive. What’s your high score? Share it with your friends!

PS: We cannot be held liable for people going to Mercorona instead of irl stores.

The Team

Elur Cózar - Sound designer, SFX

Olafur “Choli” Gudrunarson - Foley artist, OST

Fátima Gómez (Katia) - Concept Artist, Texture Artist and Illustrator

Andrea “Tau” Fernández - Concept Artist, Texture Artist and Illustrator

Enric Besora - Game Producer

Àlex “Balas” Balastegui - Programmer

MJoy3D - 3D artist, Texture artist, Animation

Gerard “Geri” Gascón - Programmer





Tools Used