Gerard Gascón

Self-taught game developer.

Gerard Gascón

🔍 Just in Crime

In Just in Crime you play Mr. Flurfels McGoodboy, a clever detective who in his many (dog) years has solved countless cases. But when at a birthday party one of the guests eats the whole cake on the sly, he will be forced to collaborate with Catarina; an apprentice sorceress who will allow him to travel back in time and check what everyone present was doing during the crime.

Rack your brains finding clues, solving puzzles and bringing the truth to light in a series of colorful cases that will drag the odd couple into a plot on a grander scale than they could have ever imagined.

The Team

Raúl Ramos - Game design, narrative and programming

Gerard Gascón - Programming

Esther Bernal - 2D art and UI design

Jordi Porras - 2D art and animation

Pedro Astasio - SFXs & music






Tools Used